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MARNIX at your table?_

Imagination powerhouse

Positive and relevant
Wherever a positive and relevant message needs to be conveyed, MARNIX excels. The artist takes you with him on his mission to make the world more beautiful. To discover how we can be (or become) sustainable and future-proof. Creativity can lubricate creaking systems. It stimulates imagination and wonder, prompting action. That being the driving force.

Embrace the unexpected
MARNIX utilizes interactive art, media, and technology as tools. Consider this: Art challenges you and raises questions, making you pause for a moment. Media delivers the message to your audience, how and when you want it. And with technology, you have the ability to mislead that audience in a positive way. Experience Marnix’ spatial interactions where stories come to life and linger through imagination.

Mission – “MARNIX is dedicated to creating a more beautiful world by touching people with meaningful experiences that uplift. These experiences stimulate imagination, joy, and thought to make a positive contribution to a sustainable future.”

MARNIX went for:

Hologram pepper’s ghost presentation of the new collection of glasses _ BEware/wearJOS!

UMC Utrecht

Regenerative Medicine Utrecht Visual Report _ PhD Retreat


Branding design translated into multiplayer quizzes _ Mediawijsland, VrijdagKennisQuiz, Diploma Veilig Internet & Teleblik

Zuidelijk toneel

Actor within scene 20 The Record Store _ Theatrical spectacle City Secrets

Kunstloc Brabant

Concept developer within FoodLab cultivation support facilities _ Agri meets design

Teleblik beeld en geluid

Branding design translated into multiplayer quiz _ Teleblik


Branding design translated into multiplayer quiz _ SpangaS

Scouting Nederland

Design of the National Scout Competition badges _ Let yourself be challenged!


Concept developer within FoodLab cultivation support facilities _ Agri meets design

He advises, designs, and produces. You can have him lead a creative session (online or in person), he can join as a freelance creative, but above all, engage in a conversation with him and learn that there are more then one way that lead to Rome.

Spatial interactions _

A message truly resonates when you experience it. When your senses are stimulated, when you are blown away. Stories come to life in the spatial interactions crafted by MARNIX. They last through a synergy of art, technology, and above all, imagination.
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Concept & brainstorming _

An open mind creates space for opportunities and ideas. Knots are unraveled, obstacles are cleared from the path. MARNIX leaves sparks in brainstorming sessions and unleashes creative potential in concept development. Creativity lubricates creaking systems.
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