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Concept & brainstorming _

GlowCraft Workshop
@ Art Café

GlowCraft Workshop
@ Art Café

GlowCraft at CrossArts

During the recurring CrossArts Art Café, natural art was created in an experimental GlowCraft workshop. MARNIX actively and cheerfully guided the participants into the fascinating world of plant roots and their fungi.

In addition to an inspiring story about MARNIX’s Urban Wood Web project at Zuylen cemetery, we delved underground together and discovered the hidden consciousness of nature. This consciousness is the ability of nature to experience and perceive, and it is likely the connection to all life around you.

Paired with an unknown partner, participants created an artwork using natural seaweed alginate. Hands-on activities included measuring alginate, mixing, and using a piping bag to create their own artwork on the table. Thick and thin roots, fungal structures, spiderweb-like, and flowing forms emerged.

“After curing, we took the results to a special blackbox. In the dark exhibition space, the roots turned out to form a collective, beautiful glow-in-the-dark network.” _ CrossArts

CrossArts. The five initiators of CrossArts include Brack, Electron, Grote Kerk, Breda Photo, and Stichting Tranzforma (stadsgalerij).

Concept, design and production:
Merel van der Linden & Marnix van de Vijver

SDG workshop
PUM-experts Den Haag

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) workshop

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are seventeen goals aimed at making the world a better place for everyone by 2030. These goals were agreed upon by all countries within the United Nations and serve as a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education, (gender) equality, and the climate crisis.

Especially for the experts at PUM (Programme for Broadcast Managers), MARNIX developed a workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the workshop, the experts creatively explored how they could contribute to the SDGs through their projects.

PUM is a unique and professional organization based in The Hague. More than 1300 experts from 36 sectors share their knowledge and expertise with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 37 countries worldwide. Together, they strengthen the position of businesses, their suppliers, and related industries in the market.

The SDG workshop was part of the annual PUM day for the experts, a day dedicated to topics important to PUM.

PUM (Programme for Broadcast Managers)

Concept, design and production:
Leonie van de Vijver & Marnix van de Vijver

Creativity Development Workshop
Kids Climate Experience

Kids Climate Experience

MARNIX developed and produced a creative thinking workshop for a total of 400 primary school students during the Kids Climate Experience. This unique and dynamic recurring event offers a lot of activities related to water and the climate.

In the Camp Waste, children from grades 7 and 8 delve into the world of litter. They are challenged to prevent litter in their own neighborhood in a positive and enjoyable way. This involves making the route from home to school cleaner and fresher by designing a funny and creative traffic sign.

The main goal of the workshop was to discover that you can positively contribute to a societal challenge. An hour and a half, in parallel, full of action, in one very compact space. Three days in a row. In short: a significant challenge. The workshops, which ignited creative thinking and doing, scored well in terms of content and humor. Using humor to remind people not to litter and to keep everything clean proves to be effective.

The kids were supported by a creative coach and an improvisational actor. This combination brought dynamism and fun, essential when unleashing creativity.

Municipality of Breda
Water Board Brabantse Delta

Karlijn Muller (Nieuwe Veste) & Marnix van de Vijver

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Creative Session
Province of North Brabant

Creative Session Province of North Brabant

How can the province of North Brabant encourage colleagues to use creativity in their work? Under the guidance of MARNIX, a diverse group of keepers of the Law on the Preservation of Creativity and civil servants from the province of North Brabant addressed this question.

One of the powerful pieces of advice that emerged was: “Don’t talk, but pirate.” This meant creating an environment in which employees have the freedom to show courage. This includes ‘downtime for daydreaming,’ an inspiring work environment, and surprising interventions to challenge creativity. The idea was born to promote a work culture where employees feel free to think outside the box and embrace innovative ideas.

After an intensive session of creative brainstorming, alternated with theater exercises, it became clear that it is crucial not only to provide opportunities for creativity but also to nurture a culture that encourages experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking.

A valuable list of good and usable ideas was tested in the COCD-box®. This is a selection method to reduce the large number of options from divergence to a manageable number. It is a way to bring structure, relief, and color to the chaos of ideas.

The key to success turned out to lie in embracing playfulness and promoting a work environment where innovation thrives.

BrabantNEXT, part of the province of North Brabant

Concept, design and production:
Marnix van de Vijver

Special thanks:
Esther Hartzema

Aardbeienkwekerij van Aert

FoodLab Horticultural Support Facilities

For several months, a group of strawberry growers, suppliers, and designers collaborated to explore the possibilities and challenges of horticultural support facilities in FoodLab Horticultural Support Facilities.

The result was a series of diverse concepts, each with significant potential for impact. “MARNIX seeks to bring the relationship between the consumer and the grower close to home. By making the grower a host, the farm can become a beautiful place to build relationships with neighbors. MARNIX incorporates the theory of the experience economy and combines the most attractive values. This turns the farm into a place where people enjoy coming and gather information.” _ REWIN

The FoodLab is an idea generator to address the challenges around unattractive but useful horticultural support facilities and to turn opportunities into reality.

MARNIX collaborated with three multidisciplinary designers on the overarching concept “De Koning” (The King). From this concept, four products with a strong narrative were developed. By joining forces there was room for reflection and deepening, making the products stronger in their execution.

The presented product “Op audiëntie” stimulates the senses and triggers conversation. Discover the ‘why’ of horticultural support facilities and feel welcome!

Kunstloc Brabant, Gemeente Breda, REWIN, ZLTO & Fruitport West-Brabant.

Christien Meindertsma, Fides Lapidaire, Jord den Hollander, Lieke Frielink, Mitch van Veldhoven, Rosa van der Kamp & Marnix van de Vijver.

Erik Peeters, Jan van Meer, Mark van Aert, Niels Huismans, Richard Antonissen & Stef Buiks.

Sebastiaan Smeur (Meteor Systems) & Twan van den Brand (CLTV).

A workshop for creators.
SintLucas PRO

Get Rid of The Fixed Mindset

In the workshop ‘Get rid of the fixed mindset,’ we explore new possibilities, alternative paths, different perspectives, and, above all, a fresh outlook to achieve a specific goal. You harness your creativity and that of others more effectively, leading to innovative solutions.

A customized two-day workshop was developed for a group of motivated students from SintLucas PRO. It was a harmonious blend of theory, inspiration, and practice, evident from the numerous positive responses from the students.

The ‘Get rid of the fixed mindset’ workshop is a journey of discovery, providing new insights and strengthening you within your creative work.

Students are challenged to step out of their comfort zone, broaden their perspectives, and progress further by breaking free from established patterns: get rid of the fixed mindset. It puts their current way of working in a surprising new perspective.


Concept & execution:
Tobias Baeten & Marnix van de Vijver

Landelijke Zorghackathon
Team Amarant Groep

National Healthcare Hackathon

The care sector is in motion, facing a significant shortage of personnel, and technology is advancing in society. This calls for action! Action to put the disability sector on the map, establish new connections, and improve overall treatment of mental disability.

30 Healthcare organizations from across the Netherlands are simultaneously engaging intensively in “hacking” a problem. Amarant Group’s issue is: “How can clients utilize their strengths for themselves and others?” The question arises from the clients themselves.

During the Hackathon, MARNIX is part of ‘Team Amarant Group’ for a week as an Imagineer. The team consists a mix of healthcare professionals, clients, and the business sector.

Solution: Clients are often judged based on their limitations rather than their talents. Many are seeking more appreciation and equality. Team Amarant Group has developed the TDS platform for this purpose: the Talent Discovery Stage.

Imagineering is the engineering of imagination. “The ultimate imagining is to collectively create concepts that lead to change, to innovation. Experiences that positively influence human behavior, making a change sustainable, and transforming the world.” – Angelica van Dam, Imagineering lecturer at BUas Breda.

Innovation agency Imagine, part of Amarant Group

Innovation agency Imagine _
Rob van Uden, Patrick Gutlich en Pien van Dijk, Malu Bekers & Wouter Hekkenberg.

Handpicked Agencies _
Sjoerd van Oosten & Samet Yilmaz

We could count on support from Woodworks Breda, Artenzo Breda, ALPHA letterstudio, OpMaat, Groenzorg & Servicepunt Medezeggenschap.