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MARNIX is dedicated to creating a more beautiful world by touching people with meaningful experiences that uplift. These experiences stimulate imagination, joy, and thought to make a positive contribution to a sustainable future.

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MARNIX engages people with meaningful experiences. Creativity astonishes and inspires action. This is how we make the world more beautiful and healthier.

A message only resonates when your senses are stimulated, and an emotion is evoked. Stories linger a interplay of art, technology, and especially imagination. Expect the unexpected!

Enlist artist MARNIX to bring relevant stories to the forefront. He advises in creative-strategic processes, designs, and produces tangible experiences.

education _

Cultuur Oost: Art Based Learning. School of Creative Thinking: Basic Applied Creativity and Introduction to Creative Leadership. Buro Brand: Visual Design Thinking. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Teaching Qualification for Universities of Applied Sciences and Basic Examination Qualification for Universities of Applied Sciences (BKE). Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht: Bachelor of Art and Technology. Interaction Design. University of Portsmouth: Master Interactive Multimedia. SintLucas: Advertising, Presentation, and Communication. De Rietvliet: Electrotechnology.

member of _

  • City of imagineers
  • SDG NL-community
  • AI Tinkerers’ Club

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: Read the biography of MARNIX here.

“Since childhood, I have found it important to treat Spaceship Earth with love and advocate for leaving it more beautiful. In my work, I incorporate Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 13: Climate Action. I tackle significant challenges by making them small and tangible. Understanding the essence and recognizing how it functions is crucial to moving from the small scale to the larger picture once again.”